Tip to Get New Release DVDs and Avoid Long Waits With Netflix

A few months ago, I had discussed whether or not Netflix was the best way for movie buffs to get their fill of movies. Being a member for almost 7 years, I have seen many sides to Netflix, good and bad. Generally speaking, their DVD shipments have improved since opening up several distribution points around the US. Like I had previously said, I had a queue of nearly 27 movies and not one was available to ship. Frustrating to say the least. I knew there had to be a way to get new release DVD movies quicker.

I know plenty of people who are Netflix veterans and some who are new to the game (mainly because I referred them to Netflix). I often follow up to find out how they are liking the DVD service and if their movies are being processed quickly. So far, my friends have been thrilled and I was surprised (or maybe not) that they were getting all the DVD movies they were requesting. Why them and not me? Have I been falling victim to the Netflix system of capping my movie queue so newer members get the most movies? It seems not everyone has the same issues as me, so I can’t really explain it.

However, I think I may have stumbled into a solution! I doubt that it is really anything shocking, but it has been working flawlessly for me and for those I have told the tip to. Like I said before, I have a gridlock of movies in very long wait and long wait status. Just this last week, I had added Valkyrie to my queue knowing it was going to be released on Tuesday. I had two vacant spots in my 3 out at a time plan for DVDs, but none were ready to be shipped. I watched the status change to, your next movie will be shipped on Thursday…then Friday…then I see Valkyrie was being shipped on Monday and set to arrive on Tuesday, the day of the movie release. Success!

This was my latest example so I’m confident I’m on to something. Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to your Netflix account.
  • Add a new release DVD for the following Tuesday in your queue and move it to the top.
  • Figure out how long it takes for your DVD to be shipped back and processed. My processing center only takes a day, so I have to make sure I have a movie ready to be shipped on Friday.  They will not ship movies out on Sunday, so Monday becomes the next day to ship. Being that it takes a day to ship, they will mail the new releases on Monday for Tuesday arrival.
  • Send back one of your DVDs on the appropriate day based on the step above. Having multiple DVDs to send back may be helpful if you are just starting out.
  • Sit back and wait for the new release DVD to arrive in your mailbox with no more very long wait messages!

For a while I thought that by adding a movie way in advance would allow me to get the DVD faster. That has not been the case and it does not matter how long the movie has been in your queue. It may take a little toying with when it comes your processing center, but I’ve gotten mine down to a science.

I’m a big movie buff and I hate waiting months (and I really mean months) before the new releases arrive for us to watch. I still utilize the library for oldies but goodies, but I can never count on them to have the newest movies on the shelves.

Has anyone else tried this Netflix strategy? If not, give it a try and let me know the results.

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Written by Matt

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7 Responses to Tip to Get New Release DVDs and Avoid Long Waits With Netflix

  1. Netflix is so pitiful, I found it cheaper to go online and actually BUY the movies I want from eBay and in the process get the better versions. Why rent when you can buy for about the same prices???

    • Let’s see Joninray… I usually get 13 movie discs shipped to me each month from Netflix for $26. (Note that this doesn’t include the approximately 20 a month that I stream.) You are saying that you can buy all the movies you want on ebay for $2 a piece, delivered? Really? That is strange, because I am looking at South Park Season 15, (which is available on Netflix), for the lowest price of $34.78 on ebay. $6 vs $34.78. Doesn’t seem to be “about the same prices” to me… By the way Matt- thanks to you and people like you writing about this “trick” for heavy Netflix users to be able to get the new releases, it is no longer reliable for popular titles. Thanks a lot! NOT!

  2. Netflix has caught on to this I had 3 open slots and a 3 new release on Monday at the top of my list ready to go and they sent out some b movies from the bottom of my list.
    Time to show Netflix that customers deserve to be treated better than the crap that they are giving us——— Suppend your service—Kick them to the curb—Red Box & BlockBuster

  3. I have the same problem have been waiting for Sons of Anarchy disc 1 & 4 of newest season available and still have not received. They did send me 2 & 3 which was stupid after I called. Is their another company that works like Netflix? If not, one should open, I would be one of their first customers…

  4. I don’t often get new releases. As of 6-14, I have 75 movies in my queue (of 105 movies) that are a wait time. I haven’t received a movie that was listed as “________ wait time” in over a year. When I called to ask, he said it wasn’t the copies available, it had to do with licensing agreements…My guess is they’re not paying to renew rights to ship DVDs because they are pushing streaming… I’d guess, based on my queue, that the end of DVDs is coming by the end of this year. I love my library more and more..

  5. Monday for Tuesday releases worked for years for me till early May. Not anymore.

    Now I’m bummed.

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